President Donald Trump's all over the news, from his State of the Union Address to going after UK Health Service and wanting to take over the nationwide 5G network to protect the United States against China.

President Trump Goes Skiing In Winter Olympics

Now President Trump will appear at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, even if he's not physically attending the big game.

theScore, an app that provides the latest sports news, has updated its mobile app to add a themed mini game based on the 2018 Winter Olympics.

Called Race 2 PyeongChang, the game lets users watch President Trump, Kim Jong-un, and Vladimir Putin, face off against one another in a mini skiing competition ahead of the Winter Olympics.

"We were throwing ideas around the office and wondered what would be the strangest, most surreal scenario that would make people laugh as well as give them a fun gameplay experience," Aubrey Levy, VP of Marketing and Partnerships at theScore, told Tech Times.

"The political gamesmanship between these leaders combined with their respective storylines heading into the Olympics created a unique scenario that lent itself really well for a playful, fun, lighthearted game — let them take it out on the slopes!" said Levy.

theScore team really set out to make something fun for sports fans around the world.

"Quite simply, we wanted to have some fun. We know our fans love the somewhat irreverent and playful content we create and share across our social platforms and also in the Discover section of our app, so we thought why not try out a game and see how that plays? We had this kind of format in the back of our minds, and the upcoming Games seemed like the right timing to put it out," said Levy.

To play the new mini game by theScore, users can download the latest app for iOS and Android devices, which was released earlier this week.

Avoid Obstacles

Similar with SkiFree, the 1990s arcade skiing game, users help control President Trump as he skis across the snow. The goal of the game is to ski down the slope and avoid any obstacles in the way. If Trump happens to hit an obstacle and wipe out, funny notifications will pop up, such as "That wipe out was worse than the interview!" or "Next time, Rocket Man will give you a lift down the hill."

Who is more likely to win the game? "Ha — political overtures aside ... people seem to be playing the characters in equal proportion," said Levy. "To each their own, only way to find your favorite is to try all three!"

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