Google Photos Has Got Your Back This Valentine's Day With Special Movies For Your Partner


In celebration of Love Day on Feb. 14, Google has spiced up the Photos app and allowed users to create themed movies and make Valentine's Day truly special.

The company is well aware that love is already in the air and recommends tapping on that Google Photos app, which now boasts of a number of themes for special movie creation. Partners and lovers can take on a movie-making project with active help from Google.

"Beginning today, you can turn your photos into themed movies via the app or the web. A themed movie brings together photos about a loved one or an important event, and expertly edits them together and sets them to music," Google product manager Julia Winn wrote in a blog post.

The new Photos functionality is a bit of a step up from the existing feature that automatically generates short clips or slides from users' stored images. The upgrade now permits movie creation anytime and for any occasion.

As Winn has indicated, making use of the latest Photos offering is "the perfect way to celebrate all of your favorite people, furry friends, and treasured moments."

Special Valentine Treats

To make for an unforgettable 2018 Valentine experience, the Photos app has now made it easier to piece together a movie that celebrates the love shared by two individuals. The movie making can be carried out on a PC or on a mobile device.

All things arranged for the job, the next thing to do is launch the Photos app and head on to the Assistant tab and then click Movie. For the choices of available themes, it will be the Valentine's Day Movie, and by tapping on Get Started and selecting the two persons that will play significant roles in the movie, the project will be in full swing.

Google said the app will pick images automatically from the photo bank and add musical score, the tasks aided by the company's machine learning technology. Before sharing the special movie to the world, users have the option to do some edits or tweaks en route to the final cut of the film.

This new Photos app feature will be made available to Android and iOS users alike, and according to Winn, "these themed movies are rolling out in most countries today, and more movie themes will continue to rollout throughout the year."

Another special feature, also in time for Valentine's Day, is the ability to create photo books right within the Photos app. A finished book can then be printed, packaged, and shipped by Google at a minimum cost, starting at $9.99. However, only users residing in the United States and Canada will have access to this special promo.

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