Google has now updated its Photos app to recognize individual multiple pets that users have in the household.

The app will now automatically group photos of pets together the same way it groups photos of real people. This means that pet owners are no longer required to type in search terms such as "cat" or dog" just to view those photos in one place. The app now collects them automatically.

Google Photos Now Recognizes Pets Too

Rolling out in "most countries," users will now be able to see photos of cats and dogs grouped alongside people, and owners can then label those photos with matching pet names so the app can more easily recognize who's who in future shots.

"This makes it even easier to create albums, movies, or even a photo book of your pet," said Google in a blog post filled with pet puns.

In addition to searching by name, Google is also letting users search for their pets by their breed or by typing in the compatible emoji. While Google Photos will be able to tell a Chihuahua from a Bernese, it'll still need some help in telling the difference between dogs or cats of the same breed, the company told BuzzFeed. Users can do this by removing photos of pets mistakenly grouped by the app. Do this long enough, and it will learn overtime.

With pets now part of the app's facial recognition feature, users will begin seeing app-generated short movies starring their pets from time to time, or they can choose to make their own movies by manually selecting photos and choosing a perky soundtrack to match the short reel, Google said. Oh, and yes — there will be six pet-inspired songs available on the movie editor.

"We hope these features help you better celebrate your four-legged family members in all of their paw-some-ness," said Google.

This is, however, just the start, as a Google spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

Google Photos Facial And Object Recognition

Google Photos, which has more than 500 million users as of May, as ZDNet reports, launched in 2015 and has since been praised for its near-magical ability to recognize faces, objects, and even the locations of photos. With its built-in search feature, users can search for "food," "babies," "cars," and more, which then combs their whole photo library to deliver matches. It works surprisingly well.

Thoughts about Google Photos? Do you have lots of photos of pets that need to be properly sorted and categorized? As always, feel free to sound off in the comments section below!

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