The amazing things that Google Assistant can do grow by the day, and the latest is the ability to set and sound the alarm using users' favorite tunes.

This feature is now live. It's Google's way of waking users up on the right note, literally. If the usual alarm sound is not enough to kick-start the day, the company figured one's preferred song will do the job. This will be made possible by just ordering Google Assistant.

"Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 AM that plays [insert favorite musician]," would be the sample magic words, as provided by Google in a blog post.

The same feature will work wonders with the help of the Google Home devices or any other smart speakers favored by users, the company added. The bottom line for the new Assistant's ability is to be of great help for users to "wake up more peacefully."

Expanded Google Assistant Menu

As mentioned, what the digital assistant can do doesn't stop there. In the same post, the company announced that one's collection of tunes on Google Play Music is now automatically linked with the Assistant. This means that playback of any songs from the same library will be as easy as asking Google Assistant.

Moreover, the Assistant can be programed to ensure that a user's favorite television series will not be missed. Again, it is voice command feature that will do the trick, and Google Assistant will tune in the TV set on that show at an appointed time.

The new set of features reminds of the similar capability that Amazon first introduced via Alexa last December 2017, specifically the privilege of nominating a song to replace a default alarm tune.

Netflix Link

It is apparent that Google is ramping up on its efforts to make media content consumption an easy thing within its ecosystem and even on third-party platforms by working with other providers such as Netflix. The company said experiencing the popular video streaming service has become more personal, and users only need to link their Netflix account to any of the two — the Google Assistant via a mobile phone or the Google Home app.

This is in line with an earlier upgrade that makes use of the Voice Match feature on Google Assistant that recently had acquired multiple profile support though the Google Home devices. The regular mode permits hands-free control of Netflix such as resuming a show from break using only one's voice. With the applied step-up, the same feature can now be enjoyed by up to six different users, all served at levels defined on their respective profiles.

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