Cloud Strife will look different the next time that we see screenshots or a trailer for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake, due to character design changes made by Square Enix.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake, announced in E3 2015, will bring the classic RPG from the original PlayStation to the PlayStation 4. News about the game, however, has been very scarce, with Square Enix being very secretive about the project and its progress.

Cloud Will Look Different In 'Final Fantasy VII Remake'

The now infamous Final Fantasy VII Remake announcement trailer, along with the succeeding gameplay trailer and screenshots, showed excited gamers a glimpse of how the game's hero, Cloud Strife, will look like.

However, Cloud will look different in the next videos or images that Square Enix will release of the game. The information was acquired from attendees of the 30th Anniversary Exhibition of the Final Fantasy series in Mori Arts Center Gallery in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo.

According to first-hand reports on social media from attendees, there were four Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots posted at the event. The images showed that the design of Cloud has changed from what was previously seen.

The development team struggled with finalizing the new character design for Cloud, according to team leader Naoki Hamaguchi. However, their hard work has now paid off, as the redesigned Cloud has received approval from director Tetsuya Nomura for being the closest one to the original design of the iconic character.

One of the attendees described Cloud's new look for the Final Fantasy VII Remake as a "more natural" one. The screenshots also featured other members of Avalanche, with Twitter reports saying that Biggs is "super handsome," Wedge is "refreshingly chubby," and Jessie is "cute."

Unfortunately, we will not be able to verify these descriptions any time soon as the new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshots were shown behind closed doors. Square Enix said that the screenshots will not be made public for a while, probably not until the event ends on Feb. 28. In the meantime, we'll have to take the attendees words for it.

Still No 'Final Fantasy VII Remake' Release Date

Final Fantasy VII Remake concept artwork from the 30th Anniversary Exhibition has been previously shared, showing scenes from the game. However, there is still no release date given for the RPG, though previous reports speculate that the release window will be closer to 2020 than to 2018.

At the very least, Hamaguchi said at the event that development was "going well."

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