A man in Bolton, England threw a Nokia phone hitting a police vehicle last week. Surprisingly the Nokia phone wasn't destroyed when it made contact with the police car.

Greater Manchester Police arrested Steven Quinn after he threw the Nokia phone. He was found guilty with criminal damage. Throwing the phone at the police car got Quinn six weeks of jail time.   

Nokia Phone And Vehicle Intact

Despite the phone hitting the police car, the car wasn't damaged, and the phone was still intact and managed to be in working order. Reports don't specify what kind of Nokia phone was thrown at the police.

The make and model of the phone is unknown. A certain Nokia phone comes to mind -- the Nokia 5110, as no matter how many times it was dropped nothing would happen to the phone. At most its battery would pop out. It's however unlikely that this was the particular phone because it could have damaged the police car, it being one of the last large phones from the '90s.

Motive Unknown

Police still haven't presented a motive for Quinn to throw the phone at the car. Later on Wednesday Quinn appeared before court. He was given a prison sentence of three weeks for the crime. Another three weeks were added to the sentence because he was already serving a suspended sentence.

"The motive for his actions is still largely unknown but fortunately no damage was caused. This could have easily been any other road user and the results could have been more serious," said Police Constable Paul Ashworth. "For whatever reason, he chose to behave in such a manner that has now resulted in him spending time in custody to reflect and face his punishment."

Throwing Things At Police

Besides phones people seem to enjoy throwing various things at police cars. This incident in Bolton highlights people's desire to get back at the police somehow.

In Wilton, Connecticut, a drunk driver tried to get away from police by throwing his phone at the police car after the stop and getting away on a bicycle that was stored in the back of his car. It's unclear whether or not the phone survived.

In New York someone threw a hoax bomb at a New York Police Department vehicle. The hoax bomb landed inside the car. The van that threw the device sped off after the incident.

In one of the more bizarre incidents of objects being thrown at the police, a man in Seattle threw a batarang. Police charged the man with felony assault.

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