Best Android Apps
(Photo : William Iven | Pixabay ) Recently bought an Android phone or tablet? Here's our guide to the best Android apps to download on Google Play. There's everything from note-taking apps to dating apps and fitness-tracking apps.
9 Must-Have Apps To Download On Your Android Phone Or Tablet
(Photo : William Iven | Pixabay ) Time to start downloading.

From battery-saving apps to note-taking apps and fitness apps, there are plenty of others to download on Google Play.

With such a large selection of Android apps to choose from, it can be challenging to know which ones to download. To help out, we've created a guide of the best Android apps to download on an Android phone or tablet.

Best Apps For Your Android Phone Or Tablet


Looking to wake up early? The stock alarm clocks that come with Android phones or tablets doesn't seem to get the job done, right? So that's why many developers set out to create the next big alarm clock app for Android devices. Called Alarmy, Android owners have to leave their smartphone or tablet in a separate room in their house, so once the alarm is set, they have to stumble out of bed to wake up in the morning. That's the only way the alarm clock will turn off.

Battery Doctor

Android phones and tablets are great devices, but downloading too many apps can make them run slow. Battery Doctor makes it so users can see what's draining their battery life, easily monitor charging status, and see how long the battery will last when playing games. A great app to download for the heavy Android user.


Evernote aims to help Android owners stay organized. Whether at work or traveling, users can write down their ideas, to-do-lists, checklists, and create notebooks. The app can also use the camera on an Android phone to capture and scan a document, making it easier to send printed files. Other great features of this note-taking app include being able to organize bills, set reminders, and plan upcoming events. A companion for those who are always busy while on the go.

Samsung Health

Samsung developed its own fitness-tracking app to help its users stay in shape. The fitness app does everything from recording daily activities, keeping track of food eaten throughout the day, and managing health records such as heart rate. An app for those who are looking to stay on top of their New Year's resolutions of staying fit.


Looking to network with like-minded people? Sure, there's LinkedIn, but Shapr cuts out all the noisy newsfeed. The app makes it so users can swipe through, connect, and schedule a time to meet new people nearby.


With all of the photography apps on Google Play, Instagram is one of the better apps to download on Android phones or tablets. Instagram allows users to share multiple photos and videos, use drawing tools, and add fun filters to photos. The photo app also makes it more engaging by allowing members to follow their friends and family.


Pixlr offers a lot of photo editing tools to help make them stand out. The app has everything from collages, backgrounds, in addition to tools that remove red-eyes or those annoying blemishes. Pixlr makes it easy to send and share photos with friends and family members via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Bumble is a great dating app for those who are looking for friends, a quick hookup, or a long-term relationship. Bumble is a bit different from other dating apps, as it allows women to make the first move. Women are given up to 24 hours to send messages to their recent matches, while men have 24 hours to respond.


WhatsApp uses a phone's internet connection, so users can send text message and make phone calls to friends and family members in different countries. The app also makes it easy to send photos, videos, and important documents. Compared to the stock messaging app, WhatsApp adds more privacy for anyone concerned when sending photos or videos.

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