Snapdragon 845 Benchmark Test Results Are In, And 2018 Android Flagships Look Promising


Qualcomm has allowed initial test works on the Snapdragon 845, and the benchmark results showed that 2018 Android flagships to use the SoC are in for significant upgrades.

The core claims from Qualcomm — up to 25 percent of overall performance boost, a 30 percent increase in GPU muscle, and a whopping 40 percent step up in optimal web browsing experience. There is no denying the chipmaker is set provide a bump that will make it easier to forget about the new chips predecessor, the Snapdragon 835.

The Snapdragon 845 architecture so far is not a minor jump from last year, basing on the benchmark report shared by AnandTech.

"[T]he Snapdragon 845 ... while it's very much a Qualcomm SoC ... [is] also not just a rehash of Snapdragon 835. Both the CPU and GPU are seeing substantial overhauls, not to mention smaller upgrades across the board for everything from the modem to the audio codec," the report observed.

Real World Performance

In terms of real-world performance, the Snapdragon 845 is nothing short of impressive as the testing by AnandTech indicated that the chip as driver for a reference phone can easily outpace the leading Android flagships that were released in 2017.

One area where the chip performed remarkably well involved web workloads, which the report said reached a level that can, in fact, eclipse the Snapdragon 845's overall CPU scores, and credit goes to the integrated X20 LTE modem. It was clear that prior to providing a glimpse of the processor, Qualcomm made sure that its upcoming product is fully optimized for actual applications.

Another notable step up can be found on the GPU side of the chip that will be known as Adreno 630. The graphic engine, as indicated in the benchmark report, "easily impresses and widens the gap to the nearest competition."

All told, the Snapdragon 845 general performance can be summed up as "a mixed bag," meaning the chip is excellent but will not necessarily redefine the standard set by the Snapdragon 835 in the past, perhaps owing to the Snapdragon 845's lack of new manufacturing node.

However, it's quite certain that due to the optimization tweaks applied on the Snapdragon 845 CPU and GPU aspects, most, if not all, 2018 flagship phones that will run on the chip will boast of exceptional battery life. That means power performance on longer operating hours, provided device manufacturers can make the Snapdragon 845 work to their advantage.

Samsung Galaxy S9

It's all but confirmed that Samsung will be first to take the Snapdragon 845 for a spin via the Galaxy S9 that will come out soon. Going by the initial benchmark data, it now appears that the Galaxy S9 having the Snapdragon 845 powerhouse as its main engine will be a fast and furious experience.

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