Twitch Prime Subscribers Can Get 'Devil May Cry' For Free On Feb. 27


Capcom's first three installments of its action-oriented demon-slaying franchise are on their way to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC as a remastered collection.

The Devil May Cry HD Collection takes the original three games that were originally released for the PlayStation 2 and upgraded its visuals for current-generation platforms. As a bonus, the developer confirmed that Twitch Prime subscribers will receive Devil May Cry, the first game in the series, for free on the PC.

A Good Time To Be A Member

Reports confirmed that the publisher made the official announcement via Capcom Unity, its official blog. The offer is available for both Twitch Prime and Amazon Prime members (Twitch Prime is included for free for the primary Amazon Prime user) and can be redeemed this Feb 27.

Furthermore, the company even encourages fans to sign up for a free trial for Twitch Prime, which still qualifies the user to download the game for free on the date mentioned above.

The Game That Started It All

Most gamers believe that this is a great way for Capcom to introduce new people to the unique gameplay offered by the Devil May Cry series. If the players love it, then it would be a good thing if they choose to spend an extra $30 to play the second and third installment of the franchise.

When the game first came out for the PlayStation 2 in 2001, it was the first of its kind to offer an action-oriented hack-and-slash game within a survival-horror setting. Players were encouraged to rake in Style points as they look for ways to destroy enemies in a series of flashy combos. Ammunition was unlimited and some moves easily connected with one another to create a unique chain of attacks.

Boss fights were at another level as most of the enemies were huge. Nevertheless, Dante, the game's protagonist, never feels weak and seems cocky enough to face them head-on. Other popular games like Bayonetta, Nier, and more followed in its footsteps.

A New Trailer For An Awesome Series

The information that Devil May Cry was being offered as a free download for Twitch Prime subscribers reportedly accompanied the new trailer for the Devil May Cry HD Collection. All of the games included in the compilation will reportedly run on 60 frames-per-second with upgraded textures and better image resolution.

It looks like a good bargain for fans of the original series and would be a great addition to other remastered versions of the action-heavy series.

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