Bungie has finally confirmed that a long-requested change for one of Destiny 2's game modes is on its way for Nightfall Strikes and more.

The most common player complaints about the science-fiction shooter's sequel are its rewards system and its unwanted overhaul of a certain game mode. Guardians were surprised regarding the Nightfall Strike's imposed timer that commonly results in failed sorties due to the time modifier. The developer's latest workaround will reportedly disable the time limit in favor of a new scoring system.

Don't Change It If It's Not Broken

Veteran players of the original Destiny can recall the different tweaks Bungie made for its Nightfall Strikes. There was a point wherein Guardians were booted out of the mission back to the orbit screen if all players perish during the Strike.

Despite other modifiers like respawning delays and others, there was never a time limit, and players apparently loved the challenge. Therefore, the game studio's decision to remove the timer, and change the scoring mechanics appears to be a step in the right direction for Destiny 2.

How Scoring Works After The Update

According to Bungie, Nightfall Strikes will no longer have a time limit and will be scored based on the overall performance of the team. The number of orbs of light generated and kills will be taken into account. Over time, the score earned by the team will slowly begin to degrade.

While they removed the timer, how long Destiny 2 players take to complete the strike will still matter to their overall score. Scoring is apparently reduced by 50 percent, 15 minutes into the mission. Subsequently, no points will be awarded beyond 18 minutes, which still encourages teams to complete the strike in a timely manner.

"It only acknowledges success as being a clear, with no degrees of success past that, so no competition exists in that space," said Tyson Green, senior design lead.

"It turns a lot of people off of Nightfall too, since it is both difficult and indexes performance solely on speed," he added.

Frustrating And Unrewarding Experience

In its current form, Nightfall Strikes are noticeably considered by the game's core players as an annoying game mode. As it currently stands, the game assigns weekly tasks for each of its players to complete several player-versus-enemies and player-versus-player game modes.

Guardians can earn special Engrams that can be decoded into random gear with higher numbers than their current equipment. This is part of the title's mechanics to encourage players to grind and level up at the same time.

Nevertheless, its current setup does not seem enjoyable for a lot of people, according to critics. The removal of the time limit in favor or strike scoring will hopefully be a good enough reason for players to dust off their copies of Destiny 2 yet again. The game will celebrate Valentine's Day next week with the Crimson Days seasonal event, which starts on Feb. 13 until the next weekly reset.

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