Snapchat Creators Now Have Access To Analytics: Views, Demographics, And More


Snapchat has become friendlier to content creators with the addition of audience analytics tool, an initiative seen to drive further growth. The app interface was redesigned as well.

Beginning today, Snapchat users can access important data insights on story views, engagement, and demographics. The app, for instance, will provide the numbers on total views on a given period, which can run from a week and up to a year. In the same way, users will be able to see the total time spent by viewers on a particular post.

In addition, the upgraded Snapchat now includes engagement stats such as the actual figures on unique viewers and the average time spent while on the social media site. The complementing demographic indicator will also be useful in mapping calibrating contents to the targeted audience, depending on gender, age, location, and political or social orientation.

It was clear that the new analytics plus the UI tweaks will enable content creators to use Snapchat as a solid platform to conduct business activities and earn, which is in line with the recent promise issued by CEO Evan Spiegel.

"In 2018, we are going to build more distribution and monetization opportunities for these creators in an effort to empower our creative community to express themselves to a larger audience and build a business with their creativity," Spiegel was reported as saying.

Snapchat Late In The Game

Spiegel's latest move, however, was seen as far from proactive as competitors such as Twitter have long made available built-in tools to content creators that allowed them to expand on their reach and flourish in the process.

Now that the company is taking on the same road, it is believed that Spiegel is looking to sustain on the impressive results reported in the last quarter of 2017. Snapchat said Snap users leaped by 9 million from the 178 million previously recorded, indicating too that swelling numbers contributed to total revenue of $285.7 million.

The social media firm saw an incredible sales increase of 72 percent in Q4 2017, which likely convinced Spiegel that empowering content creators on the platform and giving them greater chance of earning top dollars will likewise translate to company growth.

Things Are Looking Up

Before the new feature was introduced, producing on Snapchat required extra effort and additional expenses, as some creators were forced to rely on third-party providers for their analytics insight requirements. Inevitably, many sought better usability experience and greater opportunity of making money.

Snapchat user Shonduras, described by TechCrunch as one of the platform's biggest earning creators, had entertained thoughts of migrating to greener pasture, but the rolling out changes prodded him to believe again.

"I have been dreaming of these analytics for years, and now that they are here I can honestly say ... yes they are good," Shonduras said.

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