Apple's wireless smart speaker, the HomePod, has become the latest product everyone is talking about since it was launched in Apple Stores worldwide.  

Once again, the company has done an incredible job marketing and hyping up another one of its products, giving consumers the impression they must go out and buy the HomePod now. Otherwise, they'll be fighting a terrible case of fear of missing out (FOMO).

HomePod May Be Small But Delivers High-Quality Audio

For the price tag of $349, the HomePod aims to deliver a high-quality music experience, in addition to providing access to its digital voice assistant, Siri.

Like Spotify, Siri quickly understands the listener's preference and taste in music. This means Siri can play everything from pop icon Justin Timberlake's latest album, Man Of The Woods, to heavy metal artist Metallica.

Apple's smart speaker can hear any "Hey Siri" voice commands from across the room, thanks to being built with an array of six microphones. Making it easier to switch moods in the room, the HomePod can search Apple Music's large music catalog, so users can simply request, "Hey Siri, when was this song by Taylor Swift released?" or "Hey Siri, can you play a different genre?"

HomePod can act as an assistant by setting timers, creating reminders, getting the latest updates on the weather, and reviewing the latest news. Siri also has the ability to send a message to a friend or family member via messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Don't Pay Extra To Have The Latest Apple Product

Compared to other products by Apple, the HomePod may not cost as much. However, there are plenty of other smart speakers on the market that are just as popular, including Google Home, Google Home Mini, and Amazon's lineup of voice-enabled speakers, such as Amazon Echo.

Google's smart speakers are designed to offer a similar audio experience to Apple's HomePod, but costs much less. For example, Google Home Mini is priced at $40, while Google Home is around $99 in most major retail stores. Buying a smart speaker from Google instantly saves music enthusiasts more than $200.

Amazon's Echo smart speaker is around $84.99. Another great bargain for those looking to invest in a quality smart speaker for the home. The highest priced Alexa device, the Echo Look, costs $199.99. Still, saving more than $100.00. 

Wait To Buy Apple's HomePod

Apple just released its HomePod so everyone's flocking to Apple Stores to buy the newest wireless smart speaker on the market. The smart choice would be to hold off waiting in line for one of Apple's hottest products, as the company will most likely reduce the cost of the HomePod in about a year.

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