Samsung Releases The First Official Galaxy S9 Videos To Show You What Its Next Flagship Can Do


There are still a couple of days left before the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus officially step into the limelight, but Samsung has something to tide consumers over until they do: three teaser videos.

The thing is, these clips don't really show the upcoming flagships themselves, but they do give a close look at the features they're coming with.

Galaxy S9 Official Videos

In the first video, it starts off with a variety of fast-moving objects, from jet planes and a cheetah to a runner and a roller coaster. In the end, it sets its eyes on a skydiver, but the difference here is it slows down to show off the Galaxy S9's "Super Slow-mo" feature, which was seen on an alleged leaked of its retail box.

While it's still not exactly official, it's said to be capable of capturing 480 frames per second in 1080p or 960 frames per second in 720p.

Meanwhile, in the second video, it focuses on how the Galaxy S9 can take clear photos even in low-light conditions. It begins by showing a couple of dark environments until it settles on a deer that the camera captures in great detail despite being shot in the night.

This aligns with a previous report of Samsung's new camera sensor called ISOCELL, a piece of technology that's touted to bring all sorts of improvements to the upcoming smartphone's snapper.

Last but not least, the third video is centered on a man going through his day-to-day life, including watching a movie, playing games, working out, and getting his hair washed, to name a few. The clip then frames the man's face inside the 9 symbol, where his face becomes a 3D emoji and returns to normal afterward.

Just like all the other features, there has been a report for this that's making rounds online. According to it, 3D emoji can "emojify" users' faces using the Galaxy S9's front-facing camera, which is similar to the iPhone X's Animoji. That said, it seems to be another front that Samsung wants to compete with Apple in.

Galaxy S9 Release Date: Unpacked Event

Samsung is set to unveil the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus on Feb. 25 at its Unpacked Event. Incidentally, the first three official videos of the device also make this clear at the end of each one of them, all of which were uploaded to the smartphone maker's official Korean YouTube channel.

For those who can't attend the event but want to watch it, we have a guide on how to livestream it.

Preorders for the Galaxy S9 is expected to go up sometime in the early part of March.

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