It appears apple might be preparing for the launch of two new iPad models soon, if regulatory filings are correct. Apple has registered new devices in the Eurasian commission database earlier this week, prompting speculation over refreshed iPad entries.

The filings, as discovered by Consomac, identify devices named A1954 and A1893, described as Apple tablets running iOS 11.

Is This The iPad With Face ID?

There have been rumors of a drastically redesigned iPad model to be released this year, complete with a nearly bezel-less design akin to that of the iPhone X, and it might even have Face ID as well. However, the models mentioned in the database don't appear to be that device.

iPad models with Face ID have been billed as launching sometime in the second half of 2018. But the timing of the new filings suggests Apple will release two new models sooner than that window.

For some perspective, consider the iPhone 7 and the AirPods. Both these devices were announced just a fortnight after turning up online, as 9to5Mac points out. As a result, it's safe to imagine that the iPad models in questions are not the Face ID variants rumored to be launching this year; instead, these devices could be additions to Apple's cheaper iPad lineup, not the Pro ones.

The timing makes sense, too — Apple launched the $329 iPad back in March 2017, which means it's due for an upgrade sometime next month.

Two New Models?

As for there being two identifiers instead of just one, they could very well refer to Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi plus cellular variants of the refreshed iPad, not two new models. 

iPad 2018: Improvements

If the rumored iPad is indeed coming this March, the question is whether Apple plans to hold an event to officially launch it or announce it quietly through its website. Just for comparison, last year's iPad model was announced via a press release. It's possible there'd also be no fanfare this year, especially if it's for an entry-level product.

Except for the filings, details about the notional iPad upgrade remain thin at best. It's likely it won't receive too many improvements. Perhaps just a minor spec bump is what consumers should expect, maybe even a slightly better camera. The design could be just a repeat of last year's, but of course Apple could surprise everyone by unveiling a brand-new look, though that's highly unlikely.

What are your expectations for the rumored iPad model? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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