'Detroit: Become Human' Gets A May 25 Release Date


After being stuck in development limbo for a long time, Sony announces the official release date for Detroit: Become Human. 

The neo-noir thriller video game arrives on the PlayStation 4 on May 25. It is developed by Quantic Dream, the same team behind PlayStation-exclusive titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.  Reports stated that its development actually started out as a tech demo for the PlayStation 3 called Kara.

It first debuted during Sony's press conference at the 2015 Paris Games Week. Just like one of the previous games, players will be able to use several characters and play through different scenarios, which will presumably intersect at certain points.

Stellar Lineup For Sony

Notably, the Japanese video game company continues to dominate console sales compared to Microsoft's platform. Experts credit its success to a large number of exclusive titles scheduled to come out for the console.

Sony Interactive Entertainment's Santa Monica Studio recently announced that God of War is slated for an April release. It is then followed by Quantic Dream's Detroit: Become Human by May.

"Detroit is by far the most ambitious title ever created by Quantic Dream. With this game, we wanted to push our limits by creating the most bending game we have ever made. Your actions have real and spectacular consequences," says David Cage, the title's writer and director.

A Unique Playthrough Each Time

In Detroit: Become Human, the story involves three different protagonists whose actions, both minor and major, will affect the outcome of the story. Connor is a prototype investigator android, Kara is an android fugitive, and Markus is an android revolutionary.

The development team noted that unlike its previous games, characters in the game might die depending on the player's decisions. This presumably hints that there are several possible story branches that will result in different endings.

"Each story is almost unique as your DNA. It is the result of the choices you made - the minor ones and the important ones - because in Detroit, all choices matter," added Cage.

Delivering Quality

The trailers for Detroit: Become Human showcase its improved game engine and detailed motion-capture technology, which is supposedly intended to help establish the title's theme that blurs the line that differentiates humans from artificial intelligence.

Meanwhile, fans are reportedly disappointed with the Quantic Dream's choice for the game's box art. However, it all boils down to gameplay and experience to determine if the long-awaited title becomes another successful exclusive for Sony.

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