Remastered 'Turok' And 'Turok 2' For The Xbox One Are About To Launch


Capcom's Monster Hunter: World is a success and everyone knows it. Perhaps the dinosaur-slaying hype prompted Microsoft to release the remastered Turok and Turok 2.

The reworked first-person shooters were handled by Nightdive Studios, the same developers that created the PC version of the two titles.

Now, it looks like the Xbox One lineup for March is filled with great games, which include the Rise of the Tomb Raider from Xbox Game Pass, Sea of Thieves, and the two games that originally came out for the Nintendo 64.

Kickstarter Problems With Game Studio

Nightdive Studios recently made headlines when it announced that remake of System Shock is currently "on a hiatus" until further notice. The ambitious remaster of the beloved science-fiction FPS was supposedly intended to launch in late 2017 but was delayed without an explanation.

The game supposedly received a $1.35 million funding from its 21,625 backers. Originally, the remaster was being developed via the Unity game engine and just recently switch over to Epic Games's Unreal Engine last year. Moreover, the team confirmed that the project has not been scrapped, but will resume its development soon.

On the other hand, a company insider claims that a long-term plan was never really ironed out alongside some ambitious goals, which had supposedly used up the funds from the crowdfunding project. Meanwhile, the studio's attempts to receive more funding from other publishers have proven unsuccessful.

The Dinosaur Hunter

A comic book series published by Acclaim Comics was the source material for the original game when it came out for the Nintendo 64. Players assume the role of Turok as he embarks on a quest for the Chornoscepter. Players fight through hordes of battle dinosaurs, poachers, and even more.

Its sequel, Turok 2, followed in the footsteps of the original game but offered a new multiplayer mode. Gamers who have played the remastered games for PC point out that the Xbox One version does not really specify if it will have something new in store when it launches next month.

Other Games To Consider

As of now, Xbox One owners might want to wait for the complete list of new games that will be included in the lineup for March. Larry Hryb, Microsoft's director for Xbox Live, posted an announcement on Twitter that revealed Rise of the Tomb Raider as one of the games listed for next month. Additionally, the recent changes the company made to the service means that Sea of Thieves will also be included when it launches on March 20.

It is difficult to recommend that players should purchase the remastered Turok and Turok 2 for the Xbox One since both titles cost $19.99 each. It might be nostalgic for most players, however, Xbox Game Pass already includes two titles that seem to be worth the price instead.

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