It's that time of year when seeing a Santa Claus walking down the street isn't an uncommon occurrence. Whether they are collecting money, toys or taking pictures with children, Santas of all kinds can be seen during the month of December spreading holiday cheer to the masses. What you aren't likely to see? A Santa Claus robbing a bank. Or chasing people with a flamethrower. Until now. 

That's exactly what happens in this prank video from DmPranksProductions. Groups of people are confronted with what at first appears to be a perfectly normal Santa Claus before the entire situation quickly becomes terrifying (and hilarious).

For example, what if you were walking along your favorite strip mall, only to hear a large explosion? Out of the smoke comes Santa Claus pushing a cart full of cash. He quickly trips (Santa isn't the most agile runner, after all) and spills most of the money, but manages to grab an armful of bills before sprinting away. What would you do? If you were like the three people in the video, you would scoop up some of the money for yourself and run for your life. Wonder how long it took for them to realize the money was fake?

In another portion of the video, Santa presents a boxed gift to a group of people filling up at a gas station. At first Santa seems harmless when he puts the gift onto the hood of the car -- until it turns out that the present is actually dynamite. Que people running and screaming yelling "It's a bomb!."

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