Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG For Android, iOS Rolls Out This Spring


Fans of "The boy who lived" have something special upcoming from Warner Bros. and Jam City. A mobile game called Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery.

The game is reportedly a role-playing game and will release for both Android and iOS devices. Portkey Games, the games distributor and working label owned by Warner Bros, also released a video trailer that showcases some of the game's features. Users on Google's platform can already pre-register for it on Google Play to receive a reminder when the RPG becomes available.

Play As Your Own Character

One aspect of the mobile game that makes it stand out from previously released titles from the fantasy franchise is its character creator. According to sources, it is apparently the first licensed game that does not include any of the familiar protagonists from the novels. Instead, players are allowed to pick from several presets to design their own character.

Just like in the story, gamers can choose their respective houses during a sequence that involves the infamous Sorting Hat. Furthermore, the magical experience is punctuated by familiar faces from the faculty of Hogwarts.

Gameplay Elements

The preview footage of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery further gives players a glimpse of some of the activities included in the mobile game. Once players have gone through the Sorting Hat sequence, an interaction between the teachers and student follows soon after. It appears that gamers can opt to make friends with certain people, which could presumably affect events during the story progression.

Learning spells and crafting potions are also given some screen time. It was not exactly explained how the mechanics work for certain activities like duels and potions classes. However, the spells appear to be learned via touch controls wherein players trace certain patterns on the screen. Exploration and adventures look like point-and-click sequences featured in most mobile phone adventure games.

Timeline And Setting

The rivalry between the four houses in Hogwarts has been established in the franchise's lore, so it is an expected mechanic that could be included in some form when the game comes out. Meanwhile, the publisher confirmed that the mobile game's timeline is set sometime before "he who must not be named" made an impact on the wizarding world.

Therefore, gamers are not pressured to prepare for the great battle against Voldemort or any of the Death Eaters. Instead, players can take their time and just live out the fantasy of being enrolled in Hogwarts and learn to become a witch or wizard. The developer has yet to confirm if Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be a free-to-play platform with in-game purchases or a one-time paid app. The final release date has not been revealed, but it is expected to launch sometime in Spring.

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