The Samsung Galaxy S9+ has claimed the top spot in the smartphone camera rankings of DxOMark, taking the title from last year's Google Pixel 2.

The Galaxy S9+ was just recently unveiled at this year's Mobile World Congress, alongside the Galaxy S9. The smartphone received remarks for looking too similar to its predecessor, the Galaxy S8, but it is still considered an upgrade as most of the changes were made under the hood.

DxOMark Ranks Galaxy S9+ Camera On Top

In DxOMark's review of the Galaxy S9+, the camera-focused website awarded the smartphone's camera a score of 99 points, beating the Pixel 2's score of 98 points. The iPhone X, meanwhile scored a 97, while the Galaxy Note 8 scored a 94.

It should be noted, however, that the scoring system of DxOMark is not out of 100, which means that the Galaxy S9+ is not just one point away from having the perfect camera. The total score is a combination of two different scores for photo and video, for which the Galaxy S9+ scored 104 and 91, respectively.

The very high score of the Galaxy S9+ were attributed to its zoom capabilities, improved by the addition of a second telephoto lens in the rear camera module, and the lower noise levels in pictures that are taken in different lighting situations, due to the variable aperture feature that allows the Galaxy S9+ camera to adapt "like a human eye."

The DxOMark rankings, however, is just one of many metrics that compare the different smartphones and their cameras. However, it is one of the more popular ones, to the point that manufacturers are specifically trying to outscore their competitors on the DxOMark scale.

What's The Best Smartphone Camera?

The top spot of the DxOMark rankings for best smartphone camera went through a revolving door of changes late last year. In September last year, DxOMark gave the top spot to the iPhone 8 Plus, but less than two weeks later, made it a tie with the Galaxy Note 8.

However, just a day after, DxOMark declared Google's Pixel 2 as the smartphone with the best camera. The Pixel 2 has held the title until now, with the Galaxy S9+ taking over.

The declaration of DxOMark that the Galaxy S9+ has the best smartphone camera follows new rankings published by Consumer Reports that claims that it is the iPhone X camera that is the best among all smartphones. Consumer Reports, however, did not yet consider the Galaxy S9+. It remains to be seen whether Samsung's latest flagship smartphone will overtake the iPhone X in these rankings.

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