Make Summer Nights Cozier With These Newly Unveiled Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights


Philips just announced a new line of smart lights for outdoor settings, which should be launching this summer. Among the new lights are Philips Hue Lily spot light, Philips Hue Calla path light, Hue Tuar, Hue Lucca, Hue Turaco, and Hue Ludere.

Philips Hue Calla And Lilly

Both the Hue Calla and Hue Lilly will carry premium price tags, as they seem to be the flagship products of the entire lineup — the Lilly is $279.99, while the Calla is $129.99. Both these are able to display white and color lighting, but only the Lilly is outfitted with a three-spot system. There are 16 million different colors available plus different brightness levels, and users can configure these remotely.

Philips Hue Tuar, Lucca, Turaco, And Ludere

The cheapest of the lineup at $49.99 apiece are the four smart lights mentioned above. Once plugged in and paired with the Hue bridge, users will be able to control these lights via the Hue mobile app, allowing them to change brightness, color, and warmth either manually or by voice.

For those who already have a Philips Hue ecosystem installed in their home, installing these lights should be pretty easy, as they'll work with existing hardware.

In its press release, Philips seems to be specifically marketing the new outdoor lights lineup as a way to spice up the forthcoming summer season. It makes sense. Summer means more time spent outdoors, such as backyard picnics, BBQs, or even night swims. Adding the perfect lights to any of these occasions will certainly enhance the mood.

"While Philips Hue bulbs and luminaires are available for every area inside your home, we wanted to traverse the threshold and offer connected luminaires designed for outside areas. The Philips Hue outdoor range enables you to make the most of your outside areas, be it creating the ideal ambiance to host a BBQ at the weekend or beautifying your garden," said Sridhar Kumaraswamy, Business Leader Home Systems & Luminaires at Philips Lighting.

Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights Release Date

Philips hasn't provided exact release dates for its latest outdoor lighting lineup, but it did say that they'll be launching in July. Both the Lilly and Calla lights will be available in the United States and Europe, while the four other smart lights will only be offered in the United States, at least initially.

Interested in any of Philips's new outdoor smart lights? As always, if you have anything to share, feel free to sound them off in the comments section below!

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