In addition to emerging markets, Facebook has confirmed that it plans to roll out Facebook Lite to developed countries, including the United States, France, Ireland, Germany, and others so as to attract users with slow internet speeds.

Facebook Lite, a slimmed-down version of its main Facebook app that contains the basics but sheds the extras, is currently available in over 100 countries and caters to developing markets where slow internet connection is commonplace. Launched in 2015, the app itself is also much smaller to its full-fledged counterpart, making it a tad bit more accessible for users who don't have the luxury of extra storage.

"We've seen that even in some developed markets people can have lower connectivity, so we want to make sure everyone has the option to use this app if they want," sad Facebook, as Reuters reports. The app will be available to download beginning Thursday, March 15.

Facebook Lite

The app only weighs at 252 KB and is based on the Snaptu variant of Facebook that runs on feature phones but with added functionalities such as push notifications and camera integration. It is best suited for phones that can't efficiently handle the main Facebook app since at times it can get sluggish and power-hungry, which leads to rapid battery drain. The app is also a perfect alternative to those who are trying to cut down their social media use, as it contains the bare essentials for communicating with a friend, for example.

Messenger Lite

Apart from Facebook Lite, there's also a Messenger Lite, a stripped-down variant of the company's separate chat platform. It's also much smaller than its full-fledged counterpart but eschews features such as the ability to view Facebook Stories. Like Facebook Lite, it is a bare-bones version of the primary app that caters to those who want to cut out bloat they deem unnecessary.

Both apps are primarily targeted at individuals with low-speed internet connections, but they could be great starting points for those who are beginning to get frustrated with social media in general and want to transition out of Facebook and Messenger entirely. By not being able to access extra features, users are limited to basic functions such as messaging, liking, and posting, and eventually, that might lead to them cutting down on their excessive social media presence.

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