Brigitte Joins 'Overwatch' On March 20: Here Are Some Tips And Tricks For The New Support Hero


Brigitte Lindholm, the daughter of Torbjorn who caught players' hearts when she first appeared in the animated short Honor and Glory with Reinhardt, is all set to join the Overwatch roster.

The new support hero will come with a variety of skills focused on defense and healing. Will the arrival of Brigitte change the Overwatch metagame and perhaps also shake up the Overwatch League?

Brigitte Joins 'Overwatch' March 20

Brigitte was unveiled as the 27th Overwatch hero a couple of weeks ago and has been on the game's PTR since then. Players looking forward to Brigitte may now finally mark March 20 on their calendars as her date of arrival.

The announcement video of Brigitte revealed that she joined her godfather Reinhardt in his missions, repairing his armor at the end of every battle. However, she realized that her hammer will not be able to fix everything, so she pushed herself to train and join the frontlines.

Brigitte Tips And Tricks

Brigitte is described as a one-star Overwatch hero in terms of difficulty to use, but players should still know these tips and tricks to use the support hero effectively.

Before heading into an actual game, players are recommended to take Brigitte out for a spin in the Training Grounds. One of the things that players should get a feel for is the range of Brigitte's primary weapon, the Rocket Flail, as successful attacks with it will heal nearby allies.

The cooldown of the Repair Pack and Whip Shot skills are relatively low, so players should not hesitate on using them often. Using the Whip Shot is tricky, though, so trying it first out on the robots in the Training Ground is a good idea.

The Barrier Shield of Brigitte works similar to the same skill of Reinhardt, but they have different purposes. Reinhardt uses his Barrier Shield to protect his teammates, but because Brigitte's barrier Shield is not as wide, it should be used to keep herself alive so she can keep providing support to her teammates.

The Shield Bash may be used to stun enemies so that allies can beat on them, but it can also be used as a mobility skill to cover short distances quickly. It is also a potent start to an offensive chain of attacks, when followed up by a Whip Shot and a Rocket Flail attack.

The ultimate skill Rally also has a very short cooldown if Brigitte keeps using her skills, which pushes players to use it often as well. The skills work best when Brigitte is surrounded by her allies, so it would be best to let teammates know when you are about to activate it for maximum benefit. The best time to use Rally is when charging into enemy territory to give the team an upper hand from the start or in the middle of a clash to turn the tide of battle in your team's favor.

Lastly, one of the best tips for using Brigitte is to know your role as a support hero. While opportunities to take out an opponent should not be wasted, Brigitte players should always focus on protecting and healing their allies first.

Overwatch League Stage 2 Continues

It remains to be seen if Brigitte will make an impact on the Overwatch League, which is currently on Stage 2 of its inaugural season.

Stage 2 started off on a high note with the introduction of Zarya master Geguri as the first Overwatch League female player. However, controversy rocked the Overwatch League, with the Dallas Fuel parting ways with Felix "xQc" Lengyel after another suspension for Code of Conduct violations.

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