Brigitte Lindholm, the daughter of turret-builder Torbjorn, has been unveiled as the new Overwatch hero, with skills that support her teammates by healing them and giving them armor.

Reinhardt is Brigitte's godfather, and she traveled with him to repair his armor after every battle. She soon realized, however, that her hammer could not fix everything, pushing her to become stronger herself.

Overwatch Support Hero Brigitte: Here's What She Can Do

Brigitte appeared in the Overwatch animated short Honor and Glory, which told the story of how Reinhardt became an Overwatch agent. She became an instant fan favorite, and many hoped that she would eventually find her way into the Overwatch roster.

After a few days of teasing involving artworks that depicted a weapon and shield, Blizzard finally introduced Brigitte as the 27th Overwatch hero. Her origin story, which also showed a glimpse of the abandoned cat-in-a-jetpack hero, revealed how she moved from behind the scenes as an engineer to a support hero in the front line.

Brigitte is more than just a pretty face, as a support hero with valuable skills that may turn the tide of battle in her team's favor. She can throw a Repair Pack at allies to heal them, and if they are at full health, they will receive armor instead. Like Reinhardt, Brigitte can also create a Barrier Shield to absorb damage, and then launch her Shield Bash skill while it is still up to stun an enemy. Brigitte's passive ability, Inspire, heals allies near her over time whenever she attacks with her flail.

Brigitte also contributes to offense, as her primary weapon, the Rocket Flail, has an extended range that allows her to strike several enemies at once. She also has a Whip Shot skill that allows her to throw her weapon a long distance, dealing damage and knocking back opponents.

Brigitte's ultimate is named Rally, and once activated, will allow her to move faster while providing nearby allies with armor that will last until removed by damage.

Brigitte is now available on test servers, and will soon arrive to the main game. She will be the second support hero in a row added to the Overwatch roster, after Moira who was launched in November last year.

Who Is Emre Sarioglu?

Overwatch fans were thrown for a loop on the identity of the new Overwatch hero because one of the recent lore updates for the game mentioned Emre Sarioglu. He was named in a report of the White Dome mission in Turkey led by Ana, where Reinhardt saved Torbjorn's life in an ambush. The close call, however, was why Torbjorn lost his arm.

With Brigitte revealed as the new Overwatch hero, Sarioglu remains a mystery.

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