You Can Now Unlock Overwatch League Skins By Watching Matches


Overwatch League fans will now be able to acquire the skins of their favorite teams simply by watching the matches on Twitch, MLG, or

Blizzard made the announcement just as Stage Two of the inaugural season of the Overwatch League kicks off, ending the break after Stage One that crowned the London Spitfire as winners.

How To Acquire Overwatch League Skins Just By Watching

Blizzard, in an official announcement on the Overwatch League website, said that fans will now be able to earn Overwatch League tokens by watching matches.

The Overwatch League tokens were revealed just before the Overwatch League preseason. The 12 teams of the Overwatch League each have unique skins which can only be purchased through these tokens.

Players who logged in to Overwatch last month received 100 Overwatch League tokens, which is enough to purchase one team skin. Blizzard has now revealed how players can get more of these tokens, and that is by watching Overwatch League matches.

Overwatch League viewers will be able to earn one token for every map win that they watch on Twitch, MLG, or To be eligible to earn Overwatch League tokens, viewers will first have to link their accounts to their Twitch and MLG accounts, or use their Blizzard account to log in to

The token will be awarded to viewers as soon as the map concludes during a live broadcast. As an added bonus, an unspecified percentage of Overwatch League fans will receive 100 Overwatch League tokens whenever a match ends.

Overwatch League, Twitch Partnership Offers Extra Perks

The Overwatch League and Twitch entered a multi-year partnership to stream all the matches of the league on the streaming service just before Season one started. Earning Overwatch League tokens is just part of the improvements that Twitch will implement for the league's viewers.

Twitch will also add Overwatch League Cheering, which allows viewers to cheer for their favorite teams. This will require Bits, which are virtual items on the streaming service that are purchased with real money. By using up Bits in Overwatch League Cheering, viewers will be able to unlock exclusive skins, emotes, and other team-branded items that they can use while playing Overwatch.

Twitch is also said to be developing a so-called VIP ticket that will give viewers access to even more in-game rewards, along with other perks such as behind-the-scenes content. The details for the Overwatch League VIP ticket are still scarce, but Twitch and Blizzard will likely make an announcement in the near future to tell us what it will be all about.

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