Monster Hunter: World players can now download the game's first major patch, also known as the Deviljho update. The free DLC is now rolling out for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, bringing a lot of additional material to the already-expansive game.

Included in the patch are new special assignments, balance changes, and even a new monster that's the namesake of the update — Deviljho.

Deviljho Comes To 'Monster Hunter: World'

Capcom recently shared more details about the aforementioned monster during a Monster Hunter livestream. Deviljho is actually an old monster from the series and is unique because of its ravenous appetite, as the company noted that it must be fed "constantly."

Unfortunately, there are no quests tied to Deviljho, but players who want to combat it can go to "??" spots in the map. Any area that has that symbol will have a Deviljho just roaming around.

Along with Deviljho, the new update also brings a ton of new set of weapons and armor to craft. There's a new weapon for each of the 14 classes, plus alpha and beta armor sets.

In addition, the game now also has introduced balance changes for the weapons. For starters, the Great Sword now has increased damage for Charged Slash abilities. The Long Sword, on the other hand, gets improvements to Foresight Slash input timing and hitbox detection. Hammer, Hunting Horn, Gunlance, and the others all get individual updates and improvements. Make sure to check out the patch notes to read all the changes.

The update also disables trolling other players by staggering them during carves. Now, once a mission is complete, players will become immune to all reactions.

The new update adds quite a heft to an already-pretty-packed game, with several new items to hunt for, a pretty interesting new monster, and some much-needed changes to weapons. Capcom also notes that loading times have been reduced, and that a feature called "Kick from Online Session" has been added to the player list. Subtitle text size may now also be customized.

Spring Blossom Fest

This patch, however, just one of the changes Capcom has planned for Monster Hunter: World. There's also the forthcoming spring blossom fest, which will add even more items to the game.

Monster Hunter: World is now available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. A PC version is poised to launch this year. A Nintendo Switch version isn't happening, unfortunately.

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