The 'Monster Hunter: World' Guidebook Will Have Over 1,000 Pages: Here's What's Inside


Monster Hunter: World, officially the fastest-selling game by Capcom, will soon receive an official guidebook that will have more than 1,000 pages.

While Monster Hunter: World is much more beginner-friendly compared to previous entries in the franchise, there are still some parts of the game that pushes players to learn about the mechanics on their own. Will a Monster Hunter: World guidebook make it even easier for newcomers to the series to master the game?

What's Inside The 'Monster Hunter: World' Guidebook?

The Monster Hunter: World guidebook will feature a total of 1,008 pages, containing all the information that players can ask for to master the game. Siliconera provided a translation on the listing of the guidebook on Amazon Japan to show players what they can gain from owning it.

The first section is Understanding the Hunter Life, which discusses the basics of the game and the facilities offered by the base of operations known as the town of Astera, followed by Understanding Hunter Techniques, which talks about basic hunter moves and recommended attack combos for the 14 different weapons of the game.

Understanding How to Hunt Monsters reveals detailed information on all the monsters of Monster Hunter: World, which should make taking them down much easier. This section is followed by Understanding Quest Info to the End, which shows information on all the game's quests.

Players can then browse through Understanding Weapon Sharpness and Weapon Tree, which collects data from more than 1,000 weapons, Understanding Armor Graphics and Performance, which does the same for armor, and Understanding Your Friendly Felynes, which provides information on the game's cat companions.

Lastly, the Monster Hunter: World guidebook includes Understanding Field Characteristics that offers complete data on the fields that players can visit in the game, and Understanding Where to Get Materials, which tells players where they can get specific items.

The number of pages in the Monster Hunter: World guidebook should not come as a surprise to hardcore Monster Hunter players, who know just how deep the game could go.

The 'Monster Hunter: World' Guidebook Looks Amazing, But There's A Catch

Series veterans and newcomers alike will benefit from owning the Monster Hunter: World guidebook, due to the sheer amount of information that can be accessed through it. Unfortunately, there's a catch.

The Monster Hunter: World guidebook will be released next month, but only in Japan and in Japanese language. It will be sold for 2,916 yen, or about $27, starting March 24.

There is currently no word on whether the Monster Hunter: World guidebook will get a Western release, but given the massive popularity of the game, that will likely happen sometime in the near future.

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