Google has issued an update for its Google Drive app for iOS and Android, which brings bug fixes and performance enhancements users' way.

On Tuesday, Dec. 16, Google announced the updates for both ecosystems.

"Google Drive lets you safely store, access, and share all your files, and today's Android and iOS updates give you new ways to do just that," revealed the company.

Post the update, Android users will be able to seek out files stored in the Google Drive directly from the Google search app. Users can even issue the voice command "OK Google" and instruct the app to look for a particular item stored in the Google Drive.

"On Android, you can now search for files in Drive from the Google app. For example, you could say 'OK, Google - search for holiday letter on Drive' to get to your files without opening the app and typing keywords," notes Google.

This feature basically negates the need for a user to open their Google Drive app and keying in the search item.

Thanks to support for iOS extensibility, those who use the iPhone and iPad will be able to upload more content to Google Drive version 3.4.0 via other iOS apps post the update. Users can also save files from alternate apps without using the Google Drive app for iOS.

Moreover, both Android and iOS users will be able to benefit from the integration of the Google Drive app with Google My Maps, which is a custom map creation tool. Users on both ecosystems will not only be able to access, but also share customized maps they create via Google My Maps.

The iOS update for Google Drive is now available as a download from the iOS App Store and weighs 49.8 MB.

Android users, on the other hand, have to wait a little longer before they can benefit from the Google Drive update which rolls out "next week or so."

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