Electronic Arts AI Taught Itself How To Play 'Battlefield 1': Will We See It In 'Battlefield V'?


Electronic Arts created self-learning artificial intelligence agents that were able to teach itself how to play Battlefield 1, with the system rumored to be coming to the still-unannounced Battlefield V.

Artificial intelligence technology in video games has made good progress, with great performances against humans in titles such as Ms. Pac-Man and DOTA 2. AI being trained on Battlefield 1 and possibly deployed to Battlefield V, however, is another thing altogether.

Electronic Arts AI Learns To Play 'Battlefield 1'

Electronic Arts uploaded a video that showed off its self-learning AI agent, which was created by the publisher's Search for Extraordinary Experiences Division, or SEED, in partnership with developer DICE.

SEED first showed the AI agents 30 minutes of gameplay by humans, and then they were set loose in Battlefield 1 for six days. The results of the project were revealed in the video, with the AI agents sometimes working together like a coordinated unit and having learned that they should restock their ammo once they are running low. However, there are also instances where the AI agents just randomly spin around in circles.

"The agents aren't very good at planning ahead. If an agent spots an objective, like an enemy player, it will act. But if there's nothing in sight, it will eventually start to spin around to look for something to do," said Magnus Nordin, the technical director of SEED, in an article that was posted on the Electronic Arts website alongside the video.

Self-Learning AI In 'Battlefield V'?

Self-learning AI has been used in other games, but Electronic Arts believes that this is the first time that the technology is being applied to a complex shooter such as Battlefield 1.

The goal of the project is to create AI that can learn how to play well enough to become worthy opponents for humans. In tests, humans won over the AI agents in matches restricted to handguns, but encouragingly, the games were not "a complete blow out."

With such results, there is a good chance that the AI agents will be featured in Battlefield V, the next game in the Battlefield series.

Electronic Arts has not yet officially unveiled Battlefield V. Separate reports, however, have supposedly confirmed the title of the game, and that its setting will be in World War II. The assumption is that Battlefield V will be launched in October or November to compete with Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which gives SEED several months to prepare the AI.

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