GoPro Launches Cheap, Basic Hero Camera At $199: What Does It Offer?


GoPro launches its cheapest entry-level camera yet, with the release of the new $199 camera simply called GoPro Hero.

The latest addition to the GoPro family looks like the $300 Hero 5 or the $400 Hero 6, but it does cut some corners to accommodate the far lower price point.

$199 GoPro Hero Compromises

While the design is similar to the GoPro Hero 5 or Hero 6, the same cannot be said of the video quality. The main reason people go for these two more expensive models is the 4K video recording capability, which is quite impressive for such a small camera.

The new GoPro Hero, however, can't capture 4K footage, so users will have to settle for 1440p or 1080p. It's a big trade-off, but it's understandable and fairly justified at a $199 price point. At the same time, the new camera can only shoot at frame rates of 60 fps tops, instead of 120 or 240 fps like the other models, so slow-motion videos are not really part of the package.

The megapixel count also drops from 12 megapixels to 10. Also, there's only one burst shooting option with 10 frames per second and a time-lapse setting of 0.5 seconds per shot.

"HERO is a great first GoPro for people looking to share experiences beyond what a phone can capture," says Meghan Laffey, GoPro's senior vice president of Product. "HERO makes it easy to share 'wow' moments at a price that's perfect for first-time users."

GoPro Hero Specs And Features

The new GoPro camera sports a 2-inch display, a durable build, and waterproof up to 30 feet. The company touts that it's ideal for travelers, kids, and adventurers.

The camera automatically drops footage and photos to the dedicated GoPro app. Then users can easily share what they capture without having to connect to a PC or get the data from an SD card.

To sum things up, the key features of the GoPro Hero include HD video, touch display, voice control, waterproof and durable build, video stabilization, and smartphone compatibility. The camera can also be mounted to one's gear or body, and it plays nice with more than 30 existing GoPro mounting accessories.

The cheaper GoPro camera is available at only $199 on GoPro's official website, as well as various retailers worldwide. In the EMEA region, the camera costs €219.99.

The GoPro Hero is not as feature-packed or as high-end as more expensive models, but it should deliver a more than decent experience for its price point.

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