GoPro has unveiled the Hero 6 Black, along with a few other products and upgrades, as the company looks to recover from a disastrous fiscal year.

The GoPro Hero 6 Black looks just like the Hero 5 Black. However, appearances can be deceiving, as the new model of the action camera is vastly improved compared to its predecessor.

GoPro Hero 6 Black Unveiled: Here Are The Details

GoPro unveiled the Hero 6 with a $499 price tag, and while it features the same shell as the Hero 5, the improvements are all found inside.

For the first time, GoPro developed and used its own processor, named the GP1. The processor doubles the frame rate on the Hero 6 compared to the Hero 5, allowing the new action camera to shoot 4K video at 60 frames per second, 2.7K video at 120 frames per second, and 1080p video at 240 frames per second. This also means that the Hero 6 will be amazing for slow-motion videos, with capabilities of 10x slow-motion at 1080p.

The GP1 also allows the Hero 6 to have the most advanced stabilization among all of GoPro cameras, with the new action camera also coming with improved dynamic range and performance in low-light conditions. The Hero 6 also comes with a Touch Zoom feature to allow users to quickly focus on certain details, as well as faster speeds for wireless transfers through 5GHz Wi-Fi.

The Hero 6 retains all the popular Hero 5 features, including waterproof to 33 feet without a case and voice control support. The new action camera is simply a more powerful version of its predecessor.

GoPro Karma Drone Upgrade, GoPro Fusion Revealed

The Hero 6 will of course also be compatible with GoPro's Karma drone, which also received a software update. The Karma now has GPS-enabled Watch and Follow modes, with the drone hovering to keep its controller within the shot in Watch mode and chasing after the controller in Follow mode. The Karma can be purchased in a bundle with the Hero 6 for $1,199 or by itself with a detachable grip for $799.

GoPro also revealed its 360-degree camera. Named the GoPro Fusion, the $699 camera that will launch in November features a dual-lens set-up that creates spherical images that can be viewed in virtual reality or scrolled through on a computer or smartphone.

Will GoPro Recover?

GoPro suffered from a rough fiscal year 2016, partly due to the gap in the release between the Hero 4 and Hero 5. The Karma drone also played a huge part in the company's struggles, as GoPro initiated a Karma recall just 16 days after the drone was released. GoPro gave Karma owners a free Hero 5 camera as compensation, and then the Karma relaunched in February.

Will the Hero 6 help GoPro recover? Only time will tell, but the new action camera certainly holds promise.

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