First Magic Leap One Units Ship To Developers Under Tight Scrutiny: Must Be Locked In A Safe


The first Magic Leap One units have started shipping to select developers with great secrecy requirements, such as keeping the kits locked in a safe.

The mixed reality kits are under tight scrutiny, requiring software developers to take notable precautionary measures to ensure that the devices remain safe and away from prying eyes.

Magic Leap Secrecy

It's a known thing that Magic Leap cares a lot about secrecy and wants to keep its developments under tight wraps. The company has been working on the Magic Leap One headset for years and little has leaked out so far.

The first generation of its headset made its debut last December and up to that point, nobody had known anything about it.

Magic Leap teased various details, offered vague statements, and gave restrictive chances for the press to find out more about it. In this context, it's no surprise that the few Magic Leap One units that made their way to select software developers come with strings attached and high secrecy requirements.

Magic Leap One Locked In A Safe

According to a new Bloomberg report, citing sources with knowledge of the matter, the number of developers who get to test the kits is extremely limited, and those who do get it have to take extra care.

When they're not actually using the Magic Leap One headsets, developers must store them in a locked safe. It remains unclear just how many developers have access to the first test units so far, but more are expected to join the party later this year.

With this great secrecy, there's still little known about the new Magic Leap One headset. From what the company revealed so far, the AR glasses look like cyberpunk, futuristic goggles, connected to a tiny computer that can be attached to users' clothes or accessories. A wireless remote allows for easy control.

Advanced Mixed Reality Experience

Magic Leap promises to add "another dimension to computing," delivering an unrivaled mixed reality experience. Mixed reality entails combining 3D digital objects with real ones found in one's surroundings, creating a "fuller reality."

This could come in handy in a number of scenarios, such as seeing how furniture would fit in a room without actually having the physical furniture there, but could extend to far more advanced scenarios and applications.

Magic Leap is currently one of the most-funded tech startups in the United States in the last few years, after raising more than $2.3 billion without actually launching a commercial product.

With the Magic Leap One now shipping to select developers for testing purposes, the company is moving one step closer to finishing the product. Until it does, however, things are tightly under wraps.

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