Amid the flurry of reports that its product is overhyped, mixed reality startup Magic Leap has announced that it will now be calling its upcoming device "Magic Leap One." The group has been making headlines in headset technology recently because of how secretive it has been during the development and production of its device.

The unveiling of the product name comes on the heels of another announcement made by the company about tapping Brenda Freeman of National Geographic to handle the marketing side of the product. This announcement came after two top executives earlier left the company.

Top Executives Leave Magic Leap

"Andy Fouche will no longer serve as VP of Public Relations for Magic Leap, Inc," the company stated. "As we sprint full steam ahead toward the launch of Magic Leap One, we are excited to have Brenda Freeman on board as our Chief Marketing Officer."

Brian Wallace, former head of Magic Leap's marketing team, resigned last month to join a stealth startup headed by the Xoogler and venture capitalist Andy Rubin. Fouche is also set to join Wallace and Rubin after a damaging report about the product was published by The Information.

The product currently in the works is called a mixed reality headset, which makes use of augmented and virtual realities. The company has promised that the headset being developed will allow viewers to incorporate 3D graphics in their field of vision.

Just Another Day At Magic Leap?

However, a lengthy report by The Information indicates that the product may have been overhyped to secure funding from its investors. While Magic Leap has provided dazzling proof of the legitimacy of its product to a handful of investors and journalists, the company might not yet be ready to come up with a consumer device. A day after The Information published its piece on Magic Leap, CEO Rony Abovitz published a blog post about Magic Leap One's product development.

Another demo video released by the company, titled "Just another day in the office at Magic Leap," showed a person wearing the headset while playing augmented reality games inside an office. But, as it turns out, the video was actually created by a special effects studio based in New Zealand.

Despite the negative press it has been receiving, the company remains hopeful with the hiring of Freeman: "We are creatively aligned. She has already brought fresh energy, excitement, unbounded joy, and opportunity to those who choose to play on our team."

It remains to be seen whether Magic Leap One would meet expectations, especially now that it appears we're in a long wait before we find out.

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