PUBG's Codename: Savage Map Gets Squads Mode Along With Other Tweaks Via Day 2 Update


In an announcement post on Steam, PUBG developers confirm that Squads mode is on its way along with other tweaks for the new map, Codename: Savage.

The new map is currently available for players who received a beta key for the test servers to take the new content for a spin. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds alongside Fortnite are two of the hottest games available right now. Seemingly, it's a battle between the two to deliver the best post-launch content in a timely manner.

When the new map went live on the test servers, Solo was the only available option. Now, players can take on the competition with the help of their buddies.

Unexpected Caveats

The game studio also wanted to inform players that the overall waiting time to find a match could take longer if they choose to play as a team. To set expectations properly, participants should be aware that the game is being played on the test servers in order to work out the bugs. Therefore, eligible participants should note that gameplay issues might randomly occur anytime during gameplay.

Since the new map is smaller than the previous ones, some gamers might be surprised that encounters are more intense and happen with more frequency. It is somewhat intentional to give players the option to play quick games with more battles that happen almost immediately.

"It should give you all a much more intense and faster-paced Battle Royale experience," said Brendan Greene, the game's creator.

Other Changes Made

Interested players can still join the test servers for the Codename: Savage map. The developers confirmed via a post on Steam that they have issued more keys and reactivated the website to accept more people.

PUBG players reportedly shared a lot of feedback after the test servers went live this week. The game studio noted that it applied some tweaks based on what the gamers experienced from day one.

The tweaks include changes such as increased weapon and item spawn rates to enhance the looting experience inside small cabins and residential building located in the outskirts area of the map.

For players who plan their strategy ahead of time, the blue zone circle will be available before matches start alongside some adjustments to the time it takes to shrink, which speeds up matches as intended.

Other changes with regard to the new 4x4 map for PUBG are also listed in the game developer's post.

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