Amazon adds yet another cool functionality to Alexa that lets users make announcements to all Echo speakers in a network, like how an intercom works.

Users can order Alexa to "announce" something in one Echo device, and then it will transmit the announcement throughout all the devices in the house. This allows a user to communicate with other members of the household simultaneously through Amazon's smart speakers.

How Amazon Alexa Announcement Feature Works

Users can have Alexa broadcast something by ordering it to "announce that...," "tell everyone that...," or "broadcast..." Alexa will then blast everything that is said after that through the speakers.

It is a bit similar to the Drop In feature that lets a user connect instantly to another Echo device and communicate with whomever is within earshot of that particular Amazon Echo device. However, this feature is used more for having quick conversations or questions, whereas the Announcement feature simply broadcasts a user's voice through every device within a network.

"Now there's an easier way to quickly get your family on the same page," the product description reads.

"Alexa Announcements make Echo devices in your home even more valuable by reaching the whole family at once."

It is a sweet feature for households that have not yet bought a second Echo speaker. As the Alexa Announcements joins the ranks of other Alexa communication features, Amazon is ensuring that a family would need an Echo in every room in the house.

Alexa Broadcast Feature Is Rolling Out

The newest feature is now available across all Echo devices in the United States and Canada. Amazon also confirmed that users will be able to use the Alexa app on their Android or iOS devices to make announcements. However, the message will still only be transmitted to the smart speakers, not including the Alexa apps on mobile devices.

Other Amazon Alexa Communication Features

Aside from Drop In and Announcements, Amazon's Alexa also allows users to call or send a message. Users with the app can call each other even without an Echo, and they can even make a video call between Echo Spot, Echo Show, or the app.

The Messaging feature works in two ways. One, it can send a video recording of the message to the app or Echo device of the recipient. Two, it can send an SMS to a user's contacts in its mobile phone, but this only works for Android owners for now.

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