A survey finds that flat Earth conspiracy theory is gaining traction among millennials. Only 66 percent of those aged 18 to 24 maintains that the Earth is round.

Data from YouGov shows that this demographic make up 4 percent of the individuals who believe the controversial theory.

In conducting the survey, YouGov asked a total of 8,215 American adults. Out of these participants, 84 percent say they always believed that the world is round while 2 percent are determined that people live in a flat world. Interestingly, 5 percent previously believed that Earth is flat but now have their doubts. Another 6 percent were undecided.

YouGov is seeing a connection between flat-Earthers and their respective religion. Some of the flat-Earthers assert that scriptures have long revealed proof of a flat Earth. More than half of them or 52 percent claims that they are "very religious." In comparison, only 20 percent of all Americans describe themselves as highly religious, the survey says.

Flat Earth Theory: Do People Really Believe It?

A commentary published in CNET considers the possibility that the millennials have only answered the survey in pure naught. The article notes that YouGov is giving away points that can be redeemed for rewards. The said freebies include tote bags, shorts, and prepaid gift cards. It is possible that partakers were only after these incentives.

These rewards, however, serve as tokens for the participants, according to a YouGov representative who spoke with the writer of the commentary.

"Like most research companies, we offer small rewards to thank long-term participants for their time. We have robust methods for spotting any inconsistencies or inaccuracies in answers," the representative said.

Flat Earth Proof: What Do Supporters Believe?

Flat-Earthers believe that authorities have been lying about the actual shape of Earth. This is according to a FAQ page on Flat Earth Society's website. This group has more than 150,000 followers on Facebook at present. The society's actual members have also been growing in numbers since 2009, a 2017 report from Live Science notes. Most of its members are Americans and Britons, the group says.

The lies were promoted because the United States has fabricated Neil Armstrong's landing on the moon, the society asserts. The group also believes authorities are concealing the truth of the Bible to acquire power and money from people.

The group alleges NASA has inconsistent photographs of its missions as evidenced by problematic lighting found in footages. Its astronauts were bribed and coerced, and that gravity is completely false.

In due course, the Flat Earth Society wants the public to embrace that Earth is stationary and never-ending.

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