Fortnite Battle Royale does not come up short of unique, out-of-this-world weapons as well as accessories. Now, game developer Epic Games is introducing the new Port-a-Fort item in an upcoming update.

Veteran players know that to win in the open-world team-based shooter, gamers must learn a couple of things unique to the game. One of those mechanics actually involves building defensive structures. A quick look at the match videos of some of the top players in the world makes it clear that strategic defense can cost the match.

Somehow A First For The Developer

Longtime players of the game already expect the game studio to drop a few updates here and there, which normally include a bunch of items such as new cosmetic gear, gameplay balance tweaks, and new weapons.

Most of the time, the weapons are ideally designed to inflict damage and not the other way around. However, the upcoming addition is intended to instantly create a defensive structure to protect players from other combatants.

Familiar Gameplay, Different Mechanics

Since the game was launched, Epic Games has drawn criticism from both gamers and journalists that supposedly stemmed from the similarities between Fortnite Battle Royale and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. Moreover, it didn't help that the latter used the Unreal Engine to design their title.

After a while, however, gamers and journalists began to see the differences in how players approach each game respectively. In PUBG, matches are usually won with patience, stealth, and sometimes, teamwork. On the other hand, while matches in Fortnite can likewise be won via the aforementioned procedures, defensive structures can dictate how the round ends.

Newbies might be surprised to see high-level gameplay footages wherein the players scramble and jump around and build structures while on the move. It actually blocks enemy fire and keeps the player safe until they can strategically get a drop on the opponent.

Furthermore, the build mode requires practice and precision to place and construct the appropriate structure. That is why the Port-a-fort will surely become an indispensable item for late game encounters.

Mixed Reactions From The Community

When Epic Games announced the new update adding the Port-a-Fort item, the gaming community of Fortnite Battle Royale apparently showed mixed reactions. There are groups that believe the new content can help the new players compete with higher ranked gamers. On the flipside, seasoned users complained that the developer created a gimmick that could be exploited by top players, as well as the new ones.

Regardless of the feedback, it seems that the item in question and all other new content will launch on April 11. Others prefer to maintain a positive outlook that in case the new item becomes too overpowered or abused, the game studio will most likely step in to rebalance everything.

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