Overkill's New 'The Walking Dead' Character Reveal Trailer Centers On Maya


Overkill's upcoming The Walking Dead game has just received a fresh trailer that introduces a brand new character from the highly anticipated title.

Overkill's Latest 'Walking Dead' Trailer Reveals Second Character

In December, Overkill Software introduced gamers to the first playable character, Aiden, from its forthcoming The Walking Dead game.

Now, the creators behind the Payday series have released another cinematic trailer to treat the fans during the second episode of Inside Xbox. The two and a half minute promo reveals the upcoming four-player co-op shooter's second playable character; Maya.

While Aiden is the baseball-wielding brawler-type character, Maya is a troubled nurse who will join him in their fight for survival against hordes of flesh-eating zombies. Maya will serve as a medic in the forthcoming game and will have the ability to heal fellow players, although she does know how to use a weapon when the need arises.

The game, which has been created in tandem with The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, will have four playable characters in all. Players already know that the two other characters are a redheaded woman and an old man, so it will be interesting to see what set of skills they bring to the table.

Trailer Breakdown

In the trailer, Maya and a young doctor find themselves surrounded by zombies at a hospital in Washington, D.C. after an infected patient turns. In the midst of all the chaos, the teaser shots show Mayar washing her blood-soaked hands in the sink of an abandoned diner, in what appears to be a flash-forward.

The two then manage to survive the horde of zombies but it's later revealed that the young doctor working alongside Maya has been bitten. Maya is then forced to put a gun to his head and shoot him before he turns into one of the undead.

She appears to hesitate before pulling the trigger suggesting that she's not quite ready to do it, However, it's one of the haunting events that has turned her into the survivor that game fans see in the flash-forward.

Release Date And Gameplay Footage

The release date for Overkill's The Walking Dead game is slated to arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One in fall this year. There's a good chance that fans will get to see more content from the game at E3 in June. Maybe, it's going to be another character reveal or the game's first gameplay footage.

Until then, check out Maya's introduction trailer below.

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