The Top Reasons People Are Rushed To The Emergency Room

Top 20 Reasons People Are Rushed To The Emergency Room

People head straight to the emergency room for immediate medical attention to their condition. Here are the top reasons people are taken to the hospital's emergency section. (Jack Taylor | Getty Images)

We hope that you never have to go to an emergency room, but if you do then it probably is because of one of the items on this list.

Most emergency rooms have a lot in common. There is usually a long wait and bureaucracy involved. Specifically, there is a lot of paperwork that has to be filled out and completed in order for the patient's need to be attended. When the entire visit is over, prepare for an expensive bill.

There has to be an actual emergency to go to the emergency room. This list includes the usual situations that people go through that require immediate medical attention, and hence a trip to the emergency room.

Some of the reasons on the list are obvious, such as broken bones and severe chest pains. But there are also lesser-known reasons on the list, such as dental emergencies and sinus infections.

In turn, hospital staff are well-trained to be prepared to handle any kind of emergency visit from a patient. The doctors, nurses, and specialists on staff do their best to ensure that visitors are taken care of and relieved of their emergency situation.

Here are the 20 most common reasons people visit the emergency room of a hospital. Have you experienced any of these?

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