Rarest Diseases In The World That You Never Heard Of


People around the world are suffering from many horrible diseases, but some of these don't happen that often. Here are 20 rare examples in medical history. (Arek Socha | Pixabay)

There are many diseases in the world that people are suffering from. Some might be worse than others, but they all are not welcomed in many ways.

A few of these diseases are not that well known because they don't strike too many people. And when a disease is this rare, the few cases of it become very interesting.

What happens when one has a rare disease? Well, there are probably few people who could relate to the problem. But that's only the tip of the iceberg. With rare diseases comes very little research in discovering its cause. This means most of these diseases do not have a cure and that the one suffering from it will likely get stuck with the disease for life.

Some of these rare diseases can make people look odd while some can make them act very weird. These diseases sound fictional, but they are very real. The only reason some have never heard of them is because there have only been a few cases of each disease.

Ever heard of werewolf syndrome? What about exploding head syndrome? And do you even know what tree man syndrome refers to?

Here are 20 of the rarest diseases in the world. Most of them don't have a cure yet, but hopefully, they will find one someday.

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