Pokémon Theme Park Rising Soon At Universal Studios Florida, Rumors Say


A Pokémon theme park will soon rise in Universal Studios Florida, according to rumors from a local news anchor and a blogger.

There are still many unknown details about the rumored Pokémon theme park, but if it will really happen, it will be a guaranteed hit.

Pokémon Theme Park, Coming Soon To Universal Studios Florida

Jamie Holmes, a news anchor from local station WFTV Channel 9, and Josh Young, Theme Park University blogger, learned from numerous sources that a Pokémon theme park will come to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida.

According to the report, the Pokémon theme park will be located in the KidZone section of Universal Studios Florida. There are other attractions in the area, and it is unclear if they will be moved or if the Pokémon attractions will simply be added there.

Universal Studios Florida originally intended to make that area part of the previously announced Super Nintendo World. However, it now appears that it will instead be established at a 400-acre location across the street. The Super Nintendo World, expected to be opened in 2023, will feature a Donkey Kong roller coaster and a Mario Kart ride.

The contents of the Pokémon theme park, meanwhile, are still unknown. Fans of the video game and anime franchise may have to wait a long while before finding out, too. With the Fast and Furious attraction set to open this year and a Harry Potter rollercoaster planned for 2019, the Pokémon theme park will likely not be ready for visitors until 2020.

Pokémon In Real Life

There is speculation that the Pokémon theme park in Universal Studios Florida will somehow tie up with the mobile game Pokémon GO. There is no official word on it yet, but it will make sense for the Pokémon theme park to offer various bonuses or tasks for Pokémon GO players.

Fans of the Pokémon franchise, however, are hoping that the real-world Pokémon theme park will not suffer the same fate as the first real-world event of Pokémon GO. The Pokémon GO Fest held last year in Chicago was a total failure, with developer Niantic Labs recently agreeing to pay out a $1.6 million settlement to attendees.

The Pokémon theme park, however, will still likely draw huge numbers of visitors, due to the popularity and staying power of the franchise. It is expected that the demand for the already popular Nintendo Switch will go further through the roof once the long-rumored Pokémon RPG for the hybrid console is announced, and the same hype will follow the Pokémon theme park in Universal Studios Florida once there is official confirmation.

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