Google Lens aims to make cameras smarter by giving information about photos. Now, it is even smarter by being able to identify pet breeds.

How Google Lens Works

Currently, the augmented reality feature can recognize objects such as flowers and hands, restaurants, languages, barcodes, and more. It then pulls up information about the object.

It can, for example, identify a drink and then tell a user how to make it. It can also translate languages, read barcodes, provide reviews about a restaurant, and direct the user to the nearest florist.

With the recent update on National Pet Day, Google Lens can now also identify cat and dog breeds. Google did not specify which breeds the app will be able to accurately tell, although, it did say that it encompasses popular breeds.

If it cannot identify the breed, Google Lens will provide a list of other breeds that might be a match. It's not always accurate as of now, especially if the animal is a mixed breed.

Google Photos Search Feature Is Pet-Friendly

Google Photos also makes it easier to search through photos by letting users search by breed, species, and emoji using the dog or cat emoji. Google Lens can also recognize lizards, so people can also search for pictures of a gecko, for instance, in their gallery.

Users are also now able to label their pets so that Google Photos can quickly pull up their photos when the user needs them. They can also make specific search keywords such as "Oliver park" if they are looking for pictures of Oliver in the park.

Video Or Photo Book Options Available For Pet Owners

If users have snapped enough pictures of their furry friends, Google Photos can create a video dedicated to their pets. To create a movie, users can go to the app and then to the Assistant Tab. There is a movie button, which will prompt users to select between a Doggie Movie or a Meow Movie. After which, users will simply select their pet to create a selection of their pet's best photos with a pet-themed music.

The end result is similar to the video embedded below.

Google Photos can also automatically make a simple photo book of the user's pet with a hard copy option for those in the United States and Canada.

"We use machine learning to save you time by selecting the best photos of your four-legged friend and laying them out in a photo book," said Google.

Google Lens is now available for Android and iOS phones after having been exclusive to Google Pixel smartphones.

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