Spotify and Hulu are teaming up again to offer a discounted bundle for both services at just $12.99 per month, and it will be available to all later this summer.

Previously, the two companies joined forces to offer such a deal for students allowing significant savings compared to paying for each subscription service separately.

New Hulu And Spotify Bundle Details

A Spotify Premium subscription normally costs $9.99 per month while a Hulu Limited Commercials subscription costs $7.99. The new deal offers both for a total of $12.99 that let interested customers have one discounted bill for both apps.

This bundle is initially limited to users with an existing Spotify Premium subscription, but it will become available to all users later on. Spotify further notes that existing customers with a Hulu Limited Commercials plan without Premium add-ons (such as HBO, Showtime or others), which are currently billed to Hulu can also take advantage of this new deal if they switch their billing to Spotify.

Hulu And Spotify Bundle Trial For Spotify Premium Users

Spotify Premium users can try out the new bundle now by taking advantage of a promotion that brings Hulu's price down to 99 cents for three months. The bundle will go up to the regular price of $12.99 per month once this three-month trial period ends. However, even at full price, it's still notably less than getting the two subscriptions separately.

With this bundle, users will get access to on-demand music, personalized mixes and playlists on Spotify Premium, as well as access to more than 75,000 movies and television shows that are currently available in Hulu's on-demand video library.

The Importance Of Video

Spotify is widely popular as an on-demand music service, but its efforts to integrate video didn't pan out so far. As competition is heating up and video is increasingly important, however, Spotify needs a quick solution and this collaboration with Hulu could be just it.

Amazon Prime Music, for instance, is available to Prime customers as part of an annual subscription, which also includes Prime Video. Apple is also rumored to launch a TV subscription service soon, and potentially integrate it within its Apple Music subscription.

In this context, Spotify would trail behind rivals if it continues to have limited video options. The new bundle could benefit both Hulu and Spotify as they could attract more customers who otherwise would not pay for both services separately.

For more information on the new deal for Hulu and Spotify, check out the terms and conditions.

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