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Spotify And Hulu Bundle Launching For All, At Just $12.99 Per Month

Spotify and Hulu bundled their services for $12.99 bill per month for both. The bundle is currently available for Spotify Premium users, complete with a neat trial that further cuts the cost, and will extend to all users this summer.

Internet April 13, 2018

Humble Freedom Bundle Raises $6.43 Million For Charity

Humble Bundle has raised more than $6 million dollars from its 'Humble Freedom Bundle' offer. All sales from the weeklong offer will be donated to ACLU, MSF, and IRC organizations.

Video Games February 21, 2017

Humble Bundle Now A Game Publishing Company

Popular video game seller Humble Bundle is expanding to video game publishing. It has seven games set for release.

Video Games February 12, 2017

Xbox One S 1TB Bundles Offer 'Halo Wars 2' Ultimate Edition Or 'Forza Horizon 3' For $350

Microsoft has just added two new bundles to promote its Xbox One S console. The bundles include the games 'Halo Wars 2' or 'Forza Horizon 3.'

Video Games January 24, 2017

Columbus Day PS4 And Xbox One S Deals: Mafia III Bundles With Big Discounts On eBay

Columbus Day is zeroing in and eBay has a slew of bundle deals featuring 'Mafia III' and other commended titles. The bundles come with Xbox One S and PlayStation 4 consoles, and are offering sizable discounts.

Video Games October 9, 2016

Get A Free Xbox One When You Buy A Surface Pro 4 Or Surface Book: Here's How

Microsoft is offering a limited deal for consumers who purchase the company’s newest tablet, the Surface Pro 4, or a Microsoft Surface Book. An Xbox One will be bundled with this purchase completely free of charge.

Microsoft July 1, 2016

Purchased 'Beyond: Two Souls' For PS4? You Can Get Newly Released 'Heavy Rain' At A Discount [Video]

'Heavy Rain' recently landed on PlayStation 4, and the game feels and looks better than its previous PlayStation 3 variant. Players who purchased 'Beyond: Two Souls' for PS4 may buy the latest 'Heavy Rain' at a killer price from PlayStation Store.

Video Games March 3, 2016

'Far Cry Primal' PS4 Bundle Announced For Europe: Here's What It Brings

Sony has a surprise in tow for PlayStation gamers in Europe, announcing an exclusive 'Far Cry Primal' PS4 bundle set to launch next month. Get ready for an epic adventure of brutal savagery on Feb. 23.

Video Games January 22, 2016

Tomb Raider Xbox One Bundle Includes 1 TB Drive And Both Games

Excited for 'Rise of the Tomb Raider'? Us too. Microsoft is giving fans a great incentive to upgrade to Xbox One for the new game with a bundle that includes both 'Tomb Raider' games.

Geek September 28, 2015

Microsoft Teasing New Xbox One Console Bundles

Console bundles are a huge part of any publisher's holiday plans, and it looks like Microsoft is getting ahead of the game: it's already teasing a number of new Xbox One bundles.

Geek September 25, 2015

DC Comics Officially Launches 'Infinite Crisis' On Steam

After being in beta for a long time, DC Comics' free-to-play MOBA game Infinite Crisis has finally launched on Steam.

Video Games March 27, 2015

Amazon Offering Huge Discount On 'Lord Of The Rings' Movies & Games

Ah, Amazon. Home of the never-ending deep discounts at the holidays. Today's best deal is a great one for Tolkien fans: a bundle that includes the original film trilogy, the hot new video game, and Tolkien's books.

Movies/TV Shows November 25, 2014

Google Inbox app promises to make Gmail management easier, but does it get the job done?

Google's new Inbox looks sleeker and could make for a more intuitive experience when navigating through emails. On the other hand, the app's focus on categorization may add more work for those who rely on email the most.

Apps/Software November 10, 2014

Review: 5 ways Google Inbox will help you avoid email hell

Google has unveiled a new Gmail client called Inbox by Gmail, which aims to reinvent the way that emails are managed. Read on to find out why you should give Inbox a shot.

Apps/Software October 27, 2014

Google Inbox app redefines email management. Here's how you can be on the invite list

The team behind Gmail has come up with Inbox, a new email productivity "designed to focus on what really matters." The invite-only system allows users to more easily access important information and group together messages of the same type.

Apps/Software October 25, 2014

Google debuts new email option, Inbox, but it's invite-only for now

Google has released a new app called Inbox, which blends email and a social media experience. Inbox also adds features like the ability to bundle emails together and rearrange information based on importance.

Apps/Software October 22, 2014

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