The Smartest Animals In The World: These Species Are Really Intelligent


It turns out that many animals are smart because they have high functioning brains and they display a wide range of emotions. Here are the smartest animals in the world. (THIERRY ROGE/AFP | Getty Images)

As we interact with animals, it always seems like humans are really smart and animals are really dumb. But it turns out that some animals have high-functioning brains and are super intellectual.

There are numerous examples of animals in the world that are incredibly smart. Some of them live on land and some of them live in the ocean. There are primates who are really smart. In addition, there are also birds and other types of animals that are intelligent.

It really makes you think that if these animals worked at it, they could probably take the world away from humans. After all, some of these smart animals are very resourceful and they know how to survive.

These animals have a lot in common. Some of them are really good at remembering different things. A few of these animals are good at communicating with each other and with humans as well. Many smart animals are self-aware and display a wide range of emotions. In many ways, these are the marks of true intelligence.

Which animals made the list for most intelligent ones? There are some obvious favorites like elephants and chimpanzees, but there are also some surprises. Most people wouldn't expect pigs and spiders to be on this list, but they are.

Here are 20 of the smartest animals in the world today. Some of them might be as smart as you are, so read this list to find out.

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