21 Reasons Why We Think Fitbit Versa Is Better Than Apple Watch As A Fitness Tracker-Smartwatch Hybrid

Fitbit vs. Apple Watch

(Dave Kotinsky | Getty Images for Fitbit)

For the past few years, tech companies continue to introduce new versions of wearables. These days, the Fitbit Versa somewhat overshadows the Apple Watch.

Ever since smartwatches hit the market, manufacturers and watchmakers struggled to come up with a unique device to represent its brand. The first few models that came out featured basic operating systems and were not even touch-friendly. The interface was considered by many as quite clunky and difficult to use.

When Google introduced the Android Wear, it made the platform accessible to OEMs that came up with their own versions of the interface. Samsung, on the other hand, eventually deviated from the search company's operating system and developed their own that was called Tizen. Apple eventually revealed the Apple Watch that ran on its own WatchOS, while Fitbit came up with the Versa that operated under its Fitbit OS.

Even though there are a plenty of options available in the smartwatch market, users have favored the Cupertino's device, but recently, the fitness tracking wearable upstart has attracted attention from reviewers all around.

The first Apple watch started out as a premium-tier accessory for the iPhone that came in different versions and prices that were considered outrageous at the time. However, the manufacturer eventually shifted to a hybrid approach that added more fitness tracking functions with the second-generation version. On the other hand, the Fitbit Versa was intended primarily as a fitness-centric device with hybrid functions of a smartwatch included.

Here are 21 reasons why most people believe the Fitbit Versa trumps the Apple Watch.

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