Two worlds collide in Monster Hunter: World thanks to exclusive new weapons and armor from Mega Man. Both titles hail from Capcom, hence the crossover.

As the game's Spring Blossom Festival is in full bloom — yes, pun intended — which is to bring back old event quests, Capcom seems to be steadily adding new and bizarre rewards on top of everything.

Monster Hunter: World A Rush Of Blood Event

The latest event called A Rush of Blood comes as a new hunter rank 13 quest that tasks the player to combat two Odogoron. One is super tiny while the other one is normal-sized. The small one is able to leap around just as much as its larger counterpart, which requires the player to be more precise and deliberate about their attacks.

The new quests are pretty challenging, as Kotaku notes, and become even more enthralling as soon as the second monster shows up. Completing the quest rewards the player with 50 Mega Man  Tickets, which is required to create exclusive Mega Men gear. Players, however, have to repeat the quest five times to get enough Tickets for everything.

How To Forge Mega Man Weapons

Once done with the quest, gamers must head over to the Smithy and open the Forge Palico Equipment section. Then, they navigate to the Full Armor Sets and choose the option to craft Mega Man gear, which includes two high-rank pieces: the Mega Man Helmet and the Mega Man Suit.

Meanwhile, for the Palico weapon, players should go to the Standard Equipment area of the Forge Palico Equipment section. Toward the bottom of the High-Rank weapons sit the Mega Buster, which costs two Mega Man Tickets.

The best part is that the entire combat is scored with classic music from the Mega Man franchise and the track varies, depending on which weapon the player wields. Here's a breakdown of the weapons and their accompanying music:

• Great Sword — "Dr. Wily Stage" from Mega Man 2.

• Gunlance — "Fire Man" from Mega Man.

• Long Sword — "Snake Man" from Mega Man 3.

• Charge Blade — "Skull Man" from Mega Man 4.

• Bow — "Dark Man" from Mega Man 5.

A Rush of Blood is a rotating event available for Monster Hunter: World  PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One versions.

To get started, players must connect the console first to the internet. They should automatically receive a notification saying new quests have been added. The next thing to do is to go to any Quest Board, locate Event Quests, then choose A Rush of Blood. After that, they must follow the steps listed above to get Mega Man Tickets and forge the exclusive weapons.

The event lasts until April 26.

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