Google once again offers another great feature for users that are already on Android Oreo. The platform's autofill feature becomes compatible with other password managers.

While it does not mean that all available applications that deal with user's information are being supported, it is considered as a welcome step in giving users more customization options with the latest operating system version.

Prior to the upgrade, users can only take advantage of the autofill option alongside Smart Lock, which is the default application provided by the developers for the OS.

Supporting More Apps Later On

The company encourages its users to read and understand the announcement. Many will no doubt presume that the new feature can be used in conjunction with any security app that handles personal information and passwords, but it's limited to a few programs at the moment.

With the owner's permission, apps such as 1Password, LastPass, Keeper, and Dashlane are now supported by the smartphone to make it easier to log in to secure websites and programs. The developers are aware that the current list is small and they plan to launch more support in future updates.

Intended Purpose

Google already designated its first-party app as the default when it comes to the autofill features on secured websites. The latest Android Oreo update delivers what users always want when it comes to products, features, and choices. The new flexibility in security is hopefully intended to give consumers a peace of mind in terms of their personal information.

Just like before, data already saved in Chrome such as credit card numbers, addresses, usernames with passwords, and other personal information will be accessible, albeit this time, with the user's password manager of choice up front.

This makes it easier for owners to key in the relevant information quickly on their supported smartphones. Which makes it convenient since it takes time to accurately type in the information via an on-screen keyboard.

Getting Started

Activating the service is pretty much straightforward. The first step to consider is compatibility as this feature is only available on Android 8.0 Oreo smartphones. Users are instructed to access the Settings menu and open Language & input.

Scroll down and select the Autofill service option, which will then open a new window that shows all of the supported password managers installed on the device. Subsequently, the Add Service option will open up the Google Play Store wherein compatible apps can be downloaded.

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