Google wants to make it easier for users to build their own smart home gadgets as new AIY Kits now come equipped with Raspberry Pi

Google's Voice And Vision Kits Come Bundled With Raspberry Pi

Launched last year, Google's AIY Voice and Vision kits have been helpful for people who want to try their hand at making their own AI gadgets. AIY stands for "Aritificial Intelligence Yourself," the company's take on do-it-yourself for smart gadgets.

The Voice Kit allows users to build a voice-controlled smart speaker similar to Google Home while the Vision kit helps them set up a smart home camera with image recognition capabilities. However, the previously released kits did not include some of the required parts such as the Raspberry Pi board.

Both kits had to be used with the popular brand of microcomputer, which users had to purchase separately.

The search giant is now making things easier for do-it-yourselfers. Google announced on Monday, April 16, that it was releasing a new updated 2018 version of the AIY Voice and Vision kits that include everything one needs to get started.

Both kits come bundled with a Raspberry Pi Zero WH board as well as an SD card with pre-installed software and USB connector cables, while the second-generation Vision Kit has an extra inclusion: a Raspberry Pi Camera v2.

Google Releases Companion Android App To Guide Users

Although these kits are fully equipped, the devices still have to be assembled and to ease the process, Google has released a companion app for Android users that walks users through the wireless setup and configuration of the smart home gadgets. The iOS and Chrome versions of the companion app have been promised to arrive soon.

Google also announced that the AIY website has been revamped with updated documentation and easy-to-read instructions for the young do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

The Vision Kit is priced at $90 while the Voice Kit retails for $50. The price has been jacked up, but that is understandable as users are now paying for an all-inclusive package with all the required accessories.

The company announced that both kits are already available at Target retail and online stores and that it is working toward making them available across other retails stores around the world as soon as possible.

Users who want to be notified about the availability of the do-it-yourself AI products can sign up to Google's AIY Projects mailing list for updates.

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