Obsolete And Outdated Technology That People Still Use Today

Windows XP

Although there are many great gadgets today, some people prefer to use older technology. Here are 20 examples of outdated technology that people are still using today. (Justin Sullivan | Getty Images)

In this day and age, we have so many great gadgets at our disposal. There are smartphones, computers, 4K HD television sets, and way more. It is a great time to be alive if you like technology.

Despite all these incredible gadgets, some people still prefer to do things to old-fashioned way. After all, why get a computer when a typewriter will work just fine? When it comes to data storage, why buy a flash drive when you could just get a floppy disk? When it comes to mobile devices, why get a smartphone when you could get use a PDA?

Even though most people you know use modern technology, there are still some people who use outdated tech. In fact, there might be someone reading this article on a device that is over 20 years old.

There are some people who want to use outdated technology. Some people like using old technology because they are used to it. Other people cling on to the technology because they really like nostalgia, and there are also some cases where the older technology is simply more cost effective than the new technology.

There are many benefits to using old technology. One area is aesthetics, which is why some people seek out older technology. In many ways, social media has offered people to ability to connect with other users who still have old technology.

Here are 20 examples of outdated technology that people still use today. Do you still use any of these gadgets?

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