Spotify has redesigned its UI and some users are already seeing this change in their accounts. It might be a part of the company's free tier's improvement plans.

Spotify UI Redesign Adds On-Demand Features

The revamped UI changed almost everything, from the navigation bar to the search bar. The navigation strip now only consists of four buttons: Home, Search, Your Library, and Premium.

The Browse option has been removed and integrated into Search instead. Also, the Play window and boxed prompts such as "Workout" and "Pop" received a design upgrade.

The most notable change, however, is the on-demand playlists. Unsurprisingly, these playlists have on-demand features as opposed to the traditional ones that are subject to shuffle restriction. Now, such playlists have the blue shuffle button next to their names, indicating they can only be played in shuffle mode.

Is This A Part Of The Free Version Planned Update?

It's not proven yet that the update is part of Spotify's plans to make changes to the free version that was previously reported. However, the on-demand playlists are big indications.

Any song and playlist on the Premium version can be played on demand, so the on-demand playlists can't be for the Premium users. Furthermore, the Premium button in the navigation bar is likely there to encourage the free version users to upgrade their subscription.

The timing is also impeccable. The updates were rolled out within a week the Bloomberg report had surfaced about Spotify's plans.

Spotify Free Version Revamp Rolling Out Soon

According to the publication's unnamed sources, Spotify intends to release a new free tier service. This new version should make the music streaming service easier to use, especially for the mobile users.

The change will supposedly bring some Premium features to the free tier, allowing users to have more control over what they listen to. One thing is for sure, though: ads are not going anywhere yet.

Spotify recorded 157 million users, 71 million of which are Premium users, at the end of 2017. In 2018, it is looking to hit 200 million users and 96 million paid subscribers. Apparently, the way to do it is by revamping the overall experience, free user or not.

More announcements are expected to be made within the next few days, possibly on April 24. Earlier this April, Spotify invited the press to an event in New York on the said date without any mention of what it's about.

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